What You Need To Know About Hormone Therapy In West Palm Beach

For a number of years, many doctors treated menopause in women with progesterone and estrogen, which neglected other essential hormones like the HGH (Human Growth Hormone), Melatonin and DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) and natural-thyroid hormone. Today many doctors have started to realize the value associated with Natural hormone-replacement therapy.

Over and above alleviating symptoms linked to menopause along with decreasing the risks of osteoporosis, the treatment plans of hormone replacement are also able to assist in anti-aging processes, improve mood and memory, along with promoting improved health and well-being.

This type of hrt therapy west palm beach is known as Bio-identical hormone-replacement therapy. Doctors that specialize in this type of therapy conduct thorough examinations on their patients combined with the necessary laboratory tests. This is followed by prescribing the correct dosage of natural hormones, which aims to help their patients in feeling and looking better.

What You Need To Know About Bio-identical Hormones

The bio-identical hormones are described as the exact same hormones, which include molecule-by-molecule that the human body naturally produces. These hormones are modified in a laboratory mainly derived from different plant sources, which are considered one of the more natural sources for the body as they happen to be identical. In addition, the human body will not treat these hormones as foreign substances, which means there are minimal or no adverse reactions. 

The synthetic hormones created in labs are never identical to those found in the body. This is why the bio-identical hormones produced today are considered as superior in comparison to the commonly prescribed synthetic hormones. 

The Importance Of Testing For Hormone Levels

All hormones in the body serve a particular purpose and are regarded as extremely powerful substances which control a number of functions throughout the human body. The hormone levels in the body should be balanced and sufficient. Too much or too little of these important hormones is not regarded as conducive when it comes to long-term mental, bodily and emotional health. 

The hormone levels in one women to the next can vary as much as 200% to 1500%. Similar to how it is impossible to balance a bank account when the numbers are missing on the bank statement, the process of hormone testing offers the basis for a treatment plan and proximity for the patient’s goal. In this way, the doctor is able to customize the natural hormone doses that meet up to the individual needs of each patient. This results in optimizing the hormone levels in order to relieve specific symptoms as well as avoiding overdosing. 

How Is Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Different From Other Types Of Hormone Therapy?

In the majority of cases, the replacement hormones are created in labs or they are extracted from an animal source. Bio-identical hormone-replacement therapy has found a way to create far better molecular matches in the way of using 100% natural plant-hormones which match up exactly to the natural human-hormones. These treatment plans usually involve a small pellet which is inserted into the fatty tissues. This pellet then works on continually delivering the required dosage of natural hormones.